Back on the Plane!

BACK ON THE PLANE!  Summer always reminds me of traveling to someplace warm and wonderful. You have to love airplanes. I’ve always had them in my life and they have had many different meanings for me.When I think of summer as a very little girl, I will always remember how my Dad introduced me to and got me hooked on airplanes by taking me out to a little airport he liked to frequent. He flew Piper Cubs. They looked like little “yellow bees” floating through the air. I thought being on an airplane was fun and like being on a carnival ride and on a very blustery day one summer, Dad took hold of the controls and off we headed for the sky. The plane wiggled, wobbled, and bounced up and down. I wasn’t frightened because I didn’t know any better, but I was very happy when the little yellow propeller plane landed back at the airport. Phew!On another note, when I got older, if I was sad, he would take me to O’Hare Airport in Chicago to the observation deck to watch the jets take off and land. It would take me to another place in my soul and my sadness would disappear.

I’ve flown in lots of planes, visited many states and countries and enjoyed every moment, even through the delays, the price hikes, lost luggage, bad service and bad weather. I wouldn’t trade it for anything. There was a time in my life when I seriously wanted to be a part of that fast-paced, insane and hectic life. I loved the hurry, scurry and wait! I was dazzled by the elegance, class and professionalism of the flight attendants’ uniforms. Even after being married and having three children, this eclectic profession called my name on a constant basis and nagged at my inner being relentlessly for years. I was truly obsessed with what I thought was an ever-glamourous job. I wore airplane pins, airplanes on my charm bracelet and even bought a Continental Airlines coat from a thrift store so I could feel like one of “the chosen few.” I ask you…. how nutty is that?

I went on at least 12 interviews all over the United States with all the top airlines time and time again; United, Pan Am, American, TWA, Eastern, Delta and the list goes on and on. I was so disappointed in myself, but being the determined woman that I am, I kept on trying. Unfortunately, sometimes you just know when enough is enough. Something happened to extinguish the passion fire that sizzled within me. I finally said “bye-bye” to the fly people and gave up my hopes of flying high in the sky.

Then, lo and behold, “Smack!” A new passion was just waiting “in the wings” (if you will) to knock me over and take charge of my life. It was something that people called “quilting.” Little did I know. So, with all the gusto I had left in my bones, it has become my night and day passion and has consumed me even with it’s fabric addiction and all that comes with it. What a joy!

As I write this, I’m at the San Francisco Airport waiting for the next plane to Monterey, California to go to Empty Spools Seminars at Asilomar for a week-long quilting class. What fun! Uh oh… too late… it’s a prop plane! I didn’t see this one coming! Okay, so I’m now back on the plane with shades of the gale storm with Dad floating through my head. We are now flying over the mighty Pacific and all I see is water and two propellers buzzing their little hearts out as if to say “I think I can… I think I can….) Help!

I failed to mention that on the last leg of my flight going back home, I was assigned to a squashed up tiny little seat just 3 feet away from the bathroom, last row in the tail… not so bad, but upon a somewhat hard landing, I heard the sound of metal breaking and before I knew what hit me, part of the ceiling came straight down from above me and bonked me in the head.  It’s always something when you fly!

The best part of this story is that I have turned in my “wanna be wings” to sailing on beautiful cruise ships through tropical, warm breezes and sunny places to teach quilting, a truly unexpected, but great gift. This has been a most rewarding experience.

The first of this year, I got back from a whirlwind fun cruise to the Western Caribbean. I had the greatest time teaching and what a special time it was.  Students were fun and having fun ! A myriad of these cruises are geared especially for quilters from all over the world. If you haven’t experienced this delightful adventure, I invite you to travel with me on one of my cruises as the ocean is a fabulously peaceful place to take time for a fun quilting class, sew to your heart’s content, relax, be pampered, inspired and to find your creative muse !!!

I hope to see you all very soon on one of my wild adventures!!

This following link is not a film of me, but it looks a lot like the plane and my windy ride with my Dad.

Just like I remember it only with MORE wind… ahhhhhhhh !!!


4 thoughts on “Back on the Plane!

  1. Hi Patti, I just sent you an email inquiring about information on your latest trip. Then I decided to read this post. It made me smile. I began my adult life as a dental hygienist who married a professional pilot. When we were dating he took me to Ohare to watch the planes :-), but being from Milwaukee, we went to Mitchell Field more often. He just retired from a 35 year career in aviation – and doesn’t want to go anywhere. Fortunately, I found the same passion for quilting you have, and now I travel to great places as a tour guide for quilting adventures. Fun similarities in our stories!

  2. Hi Chris,

    I’m so very sorry for not responding to your message on my website. I recently found out that for the last 3 years, after paying my web person a lot of money, that he never updated anything and I never saw your post.

    My Dad, as you probably read, also took me to O’Hare to watch the planes when I was sad.

    Thanks for sharing your memories. I loved it. Write again if you have the time.

    Love, Patti

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