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Free-Form Symmetry

Fast, Fun and Fusible

Cover “Free-Form Symmetry”

Free-Form Symmetry is a brand new concept that lends itself to beautiful self-design.  It takes out the “fear factor” of creating an original piece and is time-efficient, uncomplicated, and simple enough that anyone can do it with beautiful, pleasing, self-gratifying results.  Great fun for the beginner to experienced as well as children wanting to learn how to design.

The best part ? Everyone is a WINNER and they’re like potato chips – “you can’t make just one !”

Lovely quote from a dear friend, Jennifer Ann June regarding my book – thank you Jennifer!

“Loved it, read the whole thing and then went in my sewing room and sewed. I really liked it, you did a great job. And thanks for the lovely words. I thought it was very well written, down to earth and informative. I felt very comfortable with it unlike most of the other quilt books I have. It was like a mother bird teaching her chicks how to fly.”  Jennifer Ann June – April 14, 2012

You can purchase your book by contacting me here!

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These rulers are the perfect tool for quilters. Use them for cutting triangles for Kaleidoscope blocks easily and accurately. They are constructed of clear acrylic with easy to follow purple and black markings. A 1/4-inch seam allowance is already added. Perfect for rotary cutters to cut multiple layers at once.  You can purchase your ruler(s) by contacting me here!

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